Gtx 670 problem


Precision X shows that my GPU only uses 30% of its speed when playing ANY game.

The temperatures are low, 50-55 degrees celcius even when I overclock it hard.

System specs
I5 2500k (3.2ghz or 4.5ghz overclocked, it doesn't change anything...)
Gtx 670

Does anyone know what might cause this?
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  1. Could you name some of the games you play? Some games are more CPU intensive than GPU intensive.
  2. Bf3, Sc2, World of Warcraft, All Points Bulletin...
  3. Have you tried to update drivers? Maybe use driver sweeper first?
  4. BF3 should definitely stress your card. Make sure you make all the video settings the highest in the game (including resolution). It should be able to do mostly Ultra settings.

    Try that and Alt+Tab to your Precision X while actively in the game, like, getting shot at and stuff.

    Also, make sure you have the latest drivers before the test, I know new drivers were just released a few days ago.
  5. Got the newest drivers installed :)
  6. And I play everything on max settings ;s
  7. and unigine benchmarks are good too, even when benchmarking max temp is 55c
  8. Ok my question is are you having slowness issues or are you just watching the graph in Prex and seeing it not max out? If you are playing fine then stop worrying if it is all jerky and strange then that IS a problem I am playing at 5760x1080 on a single 670 all settings high so 1 screen it should just tear that up at ultra.

  9. wierd.. Either your card has a bad chip or its something else

  10. Almost too good to be true
  11. Have you used something like GPU-z where you can record what is going on? Have you tested with Heaven's Benchmark or Furmark while recording? I don't see a maximum GPU load here. On top of that, I don't know what fan size is used on the card, but the fan profile looks to be rather aggressive to be spinning over 3k RPMs under 60* C. This would explain your temps being low easily. I have a 7870 with a 25% overclock, runs at 2200 RPM at 65*C, but will drop as low as 55*C at it's max fan speed of 3100 RPM (ambient is about 25*C). Unless you are having major stuttering issues and/or you can verify (unless I missed it) that you aren't logging 100% load, then there doesn't seem to be an issue.
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