Will NVIDIA 680GTX work with MAYA & MUDBOX 2013?

So I have been attempting to put together a pretty awesome desktop for the main purpose of being able to work with Maya and Mudbox as efficiently as possible without lag or delays, and of course some gaming on the side ;) . For Mudbox, I would love to be able to go up to a subdivision of eight or more and for it to still sculpt seamlessly without ~15 minute save wait times. For Maya, it would be phenomenal if rendering time is up to par, as well as no lag while working within the new Viewport 2.0. So my friend's IT guy put together a set up for us, but the big question is...

Does anyone know if


operates with Maya & Mudbox 2013 please?

Unforunately, it is not listed on the recommended or certified list, but I was wondering if anyone had came across this and I would appreciate any help and/or suggestions available!

Last not but least, I was wondering if this graphic card would fare better than the other graphics cards on the list for the price it is worth please? If not, which would potentially be a better choice?

Thank you for all your time and support in regard to this matter!
Any help is appreciated!


Additional information: That graphics card is to be paired with:

AMD FX8150 BOX 3600/3.6GHZ 16MB 125W
OCZ 240G VERTEX-3 2.5 SSD SATA 3 # OCZVTX3-25SAT3-240
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  1. looks like only workstation cards are supported
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    I recommend a professional series graphics card as they are optimized for applications such as MAYA and Mudbox. The 680 may work, but its not guaranteed to work with all of the features as a pro card would be. I suggest the Nvidia Quadro 4000.
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  4. Sooo.. guess no one has the 680 and have tried it with programs such as Maya and Mudbox eh :P?

    Thanks maestro!
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