Arctic cooling accel x3 and the GTX 480

Hello all, so i currently own a GTX 480, or as some call it, "The Oven," Im looking and getting another one and then SLIing them. The thing is i dont want to cook my computer since at load they are around 90C to 93C and the best solution i have seen in the arctic cooling accel x3 unit. The one thing i want to know is how much room does it take up? with my current case/board im kind of hard pressed for room, so does any one have the dimensions on them? Or even easier when i have it installed on a GTX 480 will it make the card larger? smaller? or about the same size?

opes quick edit i have the GTX 480 by EVGA
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  1. That cooler is not designed to be used in SLI as it takes up several slots (3 I believe). It all depends on the board and case you are running. My advice is to stick with the one 480 and get that cooler as I never recommend multi card setups anyway.
  2. you can do SLI with them i have seen it done before, the problem i could see haveing with it is just the length of it. the GTX 480 is 10.5" and its sitting right up to the housing for my hard drives. i just want to see how long it is before i start hacking away at my case.
  3. Well this is not a answer to your question but the best fix is water cooling those beast it would cost quite a bit of coin though
  4. yeah thats the one thing i was kinda worried about right now im trying to decide if its worth buying another one then buying 2 cooling units for them or just buy a 660 and run a 660 and a 480 just not SLI (Have multiple monitors) last i checked a 660 card is about $230 and IIRC a 660 has the about the same power as 2 480s
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