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Alright so in around a week I"m going to take a crack at building my own computer. My primary use for this computer is gaming and surfing on the web. I have the 16gb of ram for future proofing (also because it's not that expensive), and the 850 watt power supply for crossfire in the future. I'm not sure on whether I should go with a 7970 GHz edition or gtx 680; advice welcome!
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  1. I would go with the 7970, but you don't need the 3GB card.
  2. They only offer 3gb or 6gb.
  3. In that case, go for the 3GB.
  4. According to TomsHardware, the 7970 performs better than the 680 IIRC and they're about the same price. I'd go with the 7970 especially if you're doing a multiple monitor setup.
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