Massive drop is fps in gw2 plz help!!

hi i just got this computer like 3 mounts ago and i am getting wired fps drops in GW2 it goes from 50 to 8 and stays there for like 10-15 sec and sometimes it goes even lower. i got no clue what to i try'ed to re install all drivers and windows as well but it keeps doing it

Processor AMD fx(tm-8150 Eight core processor 3.59GHz
graphics card is AMD Readeon HD 6800
Disk drivers are a SSD harddisk 120gb for windows and a Sata disk 2tb for stuff
i got 8 GB ram aswell

i tryed everything i know >_< plz help !
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  1. If you're getting these drops in WvW or WvWvW then that's expected. We all get that.
  2. i get em everywhere . in wvw thy are just bigger. but my computer is up to date so i dont get why i am getting lag like this.. my friends comp is more old and he aint getting fps drops. ill be running like 50 fps and then for 10 secs thy will drop to 2. then back to normal again
  3. What do your temps look like while playing?
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