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How do you Crossfire the new FM2 A10-5800K processor?

Being an AMD fan, I want to crossfire my new FM2 A10-5800K processor. I have NOT bought a video card yet, so please recommend the best cards when specifying how to accomplish this task. I no genius, so please "dumb it down" for me.
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    HD 7670 is what you need to get, since it's on the same level. How? Catalyst Control Center, it's in there as an option to enable or disable.
  2. Easy answer. Don't crossfire right now.

    Take your budget, and buy the best single card you can get right now. Then in a year or so, you can add a second card and get a speed boost when your video card price is much lower.
  3. I think you means Radeon 6670, which is the fastest card you can use in AMD dual graphics setup.

    Something to consider is that dual graphics doesn't help much in some games:

    You might be happier just getting something like a 7750 or 6770 (or better) and running it without trying the dual graphics APU crossfire.
  4. I typically avoid recommending CrossfireX because of its inconsistent compatibility/incompatibility but offered a direct answer to the question.
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  6. You wont be crossfire with anything over 6670. The graphics processor in APU will auto disable, from what I have read...trying to answer the same question.
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