Crossfire problem

Hi everyone.
I have bought a 2nd hand 6990 and crossfiredx it with my other one(i didnt do it .i took it to a shop,,im not clued up much on this stuff)
now my games are running sooo slow...metro is unplayable.
my catalyst driver tells me its up to date
when i go into ccc and disable crossfirex everything works fine...
does anyone have any suggestions or do you think the new card is duff?
any help appreciated
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  1. Triple/quad Crossfire can have issues, although you shouldn't be having issues like that with current drivers unless the drivers, the video cards, or something else is faulty and/or configured improperly.
  2. is there any way to make my new card the primary one to test it
  3. i have a buddy that had the 6990 and tried to Xfire another 6990, had similar issues so he returned the the 6990 and bought a 6970 and ran TRI-Xfire, problems went away...

    what's your Specs for the PC? PSU/MOBO/CPU/RAM ??
  4. 1200w corsair
    rampage gene IV
    i7 3820 overclocked @4.5
    is there anyway to test the new card without messing with the insides of my pc
  5. If you can selectively choose triple Crossfire instead of quad-Crossfire, then you might be fine. Specifically testing the new card, you could connect your display(s) to it and test it without CF enabled or at least with your primary 6990 not included in the CF setup, just the new card, if you can selectively choose what GPUs can be included.
  6. ive tested the card and it seems fine.
    it must be a configuration issue..(any help..)
    ive seen metro running at 120+ fps on hd 6990 cx on review sites....mine runs at about 5 :(
    again any help is greatly appreciated.
  7. Have you tried lowering the quality/AA/AF/whatever else settings in games?
  8. when not running crossfie the fps is between 40-70 fps on max
    when crossfire is enabled it drops to less than 10 but ive seen it running at well over 120 on review sites
    I dont know what to do
    Thanks for any advise.
  9. Like I said, you could try lowering game settings with CF enabled to see if it helps any.
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