Building my 1st gaming computer

I am building my 1st gaming computer and could use some help with what people would think of the specs i might go with and if there is anything people would change.
Tower: thermaltake Mk-
CPU: intel i7 quad core 2600k or 3700k
HSF: Corsair H100
GPU: XFX Raden HD 7850
Mother Board: Sabertooth z77 LGA 1155 Sata 6GB/s
RAM: Corsair vengeance 16gb (2x8gb) or 32gb (4x8gb)
PSU: Corsair pro series Hx 750w
Optical drive: LG blueray burner
HDD: Seagate 1Tb 7200 rpm
and also wondering if getting a OCZ vertex 3 240gb SSD or wont it be worth it
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  1. What's the budget? Your priorities for hardware choices are not, shall we say kosher. Way too much money in some areas where it's not important (RAM, motherboard, CPU, cooler) and not enough where it counts: the GPU. If you spend $100 less on the motherboard, $50 less on the RAM, and $50 less on the cooler you can upgrade to a Radeon 7970. Also spending $100 less on the CPU will allow you to get a good 128GB SSD.
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