Slow boot after the resent avast update.

After the resent update of avast to version 7.0.1407 the windows take about 30 sec longer to boot!!!

Also I take a look through the settings of avast and i find this two settings:

"enable rootkit scan on system starup"
"enable raw disk access during avast! boot-time scan"

I disable both of them, but still windows take about 30 sec longer to boot.

any ides of what is going on here?
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  1. anyone?
  2. Those settings are under troubleshooting. If they made no difference, then it's not a problem and you can leave them turned on.

    My guess is it's just a new version with new features which can tend to lead to program bloat and/or inefficient use of resources. A future update may fix the problem. if not, there are plenty of free A/V programs out there that you can try.
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