Help badly needed with freezing


Processor: AMD FX 8350 (not overclocked)
MOBO: Asus Sabertooth 990FX Latest Bios
RAM: 8 gigs Corsair (one 8gig stick)
GFX: Sapphire ATI 6970 Latest Stable Release Drivers
Storage: OS on Crucial M4 SSD // Games on Kingston Hyper X SSD // Other non critical progs on random 1TB HDD

The Old Problem:

My system would lock up on me anytime I had 2 sticks of ram in. I sure I had them in the matched slots, I have tried it in slots 1&3 and 2&4 and it would lock up in both. I also tried several different sets of ram from different manufactures all 1600 DDR3, same result. My solution was to just get a 8 gig stick and suck it up and not run dual channel

I just recently changed processors from a 1090T to the 8350, when I did that I also moved my computer to a new, larger, case.

The New Problem:

My system locks up on me now when I play BF3. It takes around a minute or so then it freezes and nothing works, ctrl alt del, alt tab, nothing. I have to turn the computer off and then back on. The computer used to run BF3 just fine but since the processor and case swap it doesn't. Out of curiosity I put in another 8 gig corsair stick of ram to run dual channel and I get a BSOD with Driver irql not equal.

The Strange:

My system runs Planetside 2 without any trouble at all. No crash ever.

What I have tried so far:
-I have rolled back from the latest ATI beta drivers to the stable release
-I have the latest bios update for the MOBO
-I went through my device manager and right clicked everything and chose update driver. Some updated, some didn't
-I checked the temps of the Processor and when the computer freezes it isn't ever more than 40C

I have no idea why my computer wont run with 2 sticks of ram, but am perfectly content with it running with only one in. But now it doesn't even do that!

I am at a loss on what to do next, I am not the best trouble shooter out there. I desperately need some help here, I hate that my purpose built gaming rig is collecting dust!!!!!
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  2. New BSOD happened twice while playing The War Z

    a clock interrupt was not received by a secondary processor.

    I am NOT over clocking, running default settings in bios, and have the latest bios offered for the Asus sabertooth 990FX. What else could be the culprit?
  3. Have you tried updating your BIOS? I'm having a freezing problem with my build at BIOS and hoping to god it works. Also, you could try pulling your RAM out and securely putting back in. That's all I got. Good luck!
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