What`s the Best GPU for me?

Hello :hello:, I want to upgrade my system (GPU,PSU,CASE) after Christmas, max budget for GPU is 610$. I want to play games like:(BF3,Skyrim+ENB,METRO,Crysis3) at max settings on my single 1920x1080 Monitor. I`m thinking about GTX 680! I live in Portugal and it has warm temps. I want ultra-durable and great performance GPU with good cooling, I don`t want to go for SLI, I didn`t go overclock to much and i didn`t like 3 slot cards because my current motherboard is small but i gona upgrade it for the future.
My current system has only 1year and 3 months.
i7-2600 3.8 turbo
6GB 1333 RAM
MOBO-Pegatron 2AB6
GPU GT 440 3GB
PSU-460W (when i buy the GPU gona upgrade it for Corsair-GS700W or Enthusias)
CASE-Normal (when buy GPU gona upgrade it for CM-Strom Trooper)
What the best GPU for me? and is my system good for it? Is O old or no for upgrade? Hope you help me!
Thanks! :)
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  1. I would recommend a Geforce GTX 670. It gives you almost as much performance as the GTX 680, but at a substantially lower price.

    Edit: And yes, your system will match it just fine with a new PSU. You don't need a 700W PSU, 600W would be plenty.
  2. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125442

    Gigabyte has a new 680 card with three fans for only $660. By Christmas it may be lower. You'd think with three fans it'd be loud, but just the opposite, it is very quiet and runs cool.
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