Can a monitor cause a comp crash?

hello i have an alienware m11x (i know, i know) and its screen is small for a few games so i like to use my hp 21 inch monitor. every time i play league of legends on my comp with a monitor is crashes. a few other games do it too. im almost guaranteed a crash a night when using the external monitor. the crash freezes the screen and i hear a loud buzzing noise for about 10-15 seconds then it goes to blue screen. i stopped using it for about a month and i have yet to have a crash. its odd i dont see how a monitor would have to do with crashing. thanks!
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  1. nope.

    do you have a bad fan causing the noise. or a bad hard drive? that could be causing that buzzing noise
  2. TheBigTroll said:

    do you have a bad fan causing the noise. or a bad hard drive? that could be causing that buzzing noise

    its not any hardware sounds it comes from the audio speakers or headphones.
  3. Its crashing-nasty sound, blue screen. If Windows updated the driver for your monitor, it could cause it to crash. It did for me. Actually it completely disabled it. I had to roll back, change the update settings to remove the new driver (never heard of drivers for monitors either?) and everything has been fine since.
  4. Bigtroll is right and wrong.

    The monitor itself can't cause a crash (at least not that I heard maybe under some weird circumstances I guess). But having multiply monitors can put more stress on the video card. It could be a driver issue, and it could also be the 2nd monitor is putting to much strain on the video card.

    Have you tried disabling the monitor on the laptop (can usually be done in options/hotkey for the laptop) and then tried playing a game.
  5. The only thing i can think of is that ur laptop's graphic card can handle the games at lower resolution of the built in monitor but when u connect the external monitor and push it to 1920 x 1080, ur graphic card over heat and crashed, hence loud buzz sound.

    Set ur monitor resolution to similar or lower then ur built in display.
  6. thanks! i do think this might be it. i have disable the screen on the laptop itself but ti still crashes. i have a weak nvidia notebook card and my comp does get WAY hot so i can see this happening. thanks!
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