Almost build ready..need a few suggestions

CPU: intel i5 3570 - do not need 3570K, because i do not want to overclock
GPU: Radeon 7770 1GB - I am planning to get get another to crossfire later but I'm open to other video cards you may suggest (under $250)
Storage: 64GB SSD + 500GB HD - plan to get more later
PSU: something between 500-750W + modular
Case: ?

will be used for everyday stuff + average gaming (LoL, Guild Wars 2, Battlefield 3, etc.)
this is what I have in mind so far...any suggestions on specifics?
thank you
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  2. get this

    might be a fair bit more but will generally play games at near max settings. also, either get a full 128gb SSD or just dont get one. 64gb ssds have very low value and dont perform well

    7870 is the best bang for the buck right now. 2 7770s are around 7950 performance, which a 7870 can reach after some overclocking.

    550w is enough for a single 7870

    a 3570 is not much faster than a 3470
  3. thanks this helped me alot,
    what is the diff between 3570 and 3470?
  4. 300mhz of clockspeed. negligble performance difference
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