430w Power Supply for GTX 550Ti?

A geeksquad member told me that 430w Power supply for a GTX 550ti isn't enough, I told him that it had 30A on the 12V rail but he said that you should only worry about the 12v Rail when you are running two cards. Would a CX430 430W Power Supply be enough for a GTX 550TI? I will be having a G850 which uses 65w. The geeksquad member also said that the GTX 550TI uses around 400w. I am not sure now.
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  1. It takes 24 amps or greater, and that's a pretty decent PSU so you should be fine.
    It actually takes a lot of power for being a weaker GPU by todays standards.
  2. Are you sure? The geeksquad guy said I should get 500w to play it safe. I don't get it though because Nvidia says 400w MINIMUM and he is telling me that 400w isn't enough, wouldn't nvidia put it to 500w. If you are positive itll run then I will get it.
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    The geek squad people can be boneheads sometimes. And when you look at Nvidia or AMDs sites they assume your running the cheapest crappiest PSU you can get your hands on, but yours is Corsair brand so this doesn't apply to you, it will deliver as much power as it says on the box.
  4. I was just telling someone else actually that I don't like to push my PSU to hard, so if you haven't ordered the PSU yet I would buy one of these so I could feel more comfortable:

    These are great units too, and it give you way more than enough power for that card so you could upgrade to something better later:
  5. I am getting the CX500w just to be safe (even though I know 430w PSU is enough, this is for a friend so I am getting 500w). Would the Pentium G850 bottleneck the 550Ti in a game like BF3?
  6. I would say no, again the 550ti is a weaker card. I think that CPU would run even up to a 6870 without bottle necking seeing that it's on the same tier as mine in the chart and I know the 945 can run those cards well.
  7. A system with a single GTX 550 Ti needs a recommended 400w power supply. This assmes a generic low quality brand.

    If the 430 watt power supply in question is the Corsair 430CX then you are fine even assuming you overclock the entire system. Don't assume a Best Buy employee who gets a commission on selling you stuff has your best interests in mind when he tells you anything. Also if he knew crap about computers he would not be working at Best Buy.
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  9. anort3 said:
    Also if he knew crap about computers he would not be working at Best Buy.

    Lol probably right about that :lol:
  10. This is for the whole system by the way with a very power hungry overclocked i7 965.
  11. Yeah I know because it doesn't make sense. He is thinking the PSU uses 400w. He told me minimum recommended is 400w but then he says its not enough, and I should get a 500w. If it wasnt enough nvidia would select 500w as the minimum. The problem is my friend saw him say this so he wants to get the 500w Power supply now. Im alright with it since itll help in the future with upgrading.
  12. The link in my first post tells you what is recommended for any graphics setup you can imagine. The figures includes the entire system not just the graphic card. This list was put together by the guys at RealHardTechX. They also maintain the number 1 power supply database on the internet. Anything you ever wanted to know about any power supply including who made it and links to any real reviews.

    Just ignore the Best Buy moron. As I said above if he knew crap about computers he would not be working at Best Buy.
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