A monitor- Stuck pixels question

Was curious if it was reputiable or not to purchase from, specifically a monitor.
A refurbished monitor is normally gonna have stuck pixels right?

Thanks. Wasn't sure where to exactly post this so I thought I'd post in displays since it's concerning a monitor.
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    I've bought a few things from in the past. I know the website is a little second rate, but I got what I ordered. Know a couple of other people whose opinions I trust who recommend the site for people looking for cheap second hand stuff.

    And refurb monitors just mean that they're being resold for some reason, but it doesn't necessarily mean they'll have stuck and/or bright pixels. They might, but so might a "new" monitor. Refurb is often taken to mean broken, but it really is synonymous with "resold". Refurb just means the unit was returned and/or repaired, so they can't legally sell it as new, but it's typically as good as new.
  2. I'll take your word for Scott. Thanks!
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