Computer boots, POST beeps, loads OS, shuts off

Alright, I seem to be having issues with my tower PC, which has Windows 7 involved. I'm not certain what the hardware issue is, I am new to these forums, and they are confusing; I have no idea where this topic would specifically go, since it's indeterminant.

I have issues with this computer, where it turns on, POST beeps, then loads the operating system properly(windows 7, msconfig STRIPPED meaning services and startup item disabled). It runs for maybe 10-30 seconds, then the entire thing stops. Dead. Off. No lights, no whirring, almost no power.

Ok, tried this a few times. Then, the Windows boot part said, "Hey! Let's check your hard drive for consistencies!". Ok, I went along with it. It went past the "press key to stop check", it looked at the hard drive, set to Dead.

I am 99.9% sure it's the power supply. I will post my system specs:

Windows 7 64 bit(installed since August)
EVGA X58 motherboard
Intel i7 quad core 2.6 OR 2.8 ghz processor
1 terrabyte hard drive, less than half full
6 gigs of RAM total, 3 x 2 gigabyte sticks (motherboard has 6 slots total)
ATI Radeon 6950 graphics card, 2 gigs of RAM
Keyboard and mouse are stock. Only other hardware pieces are the USB extension cable that my wireless adapter uses(was unplugged for this), headset that uses USB, mouse is on USB, and either a mini or micro USB adaptor capable(camera cable)
Finally, there's the power supply. It's a 750 watt power supply. Now, it's run very well for 2 years now, running things like Battlefield 3 on full specs and all that....I don't know if it's insufficient or what

Yes, the CCC program is set to minimal, as in lowest mhz settings. Default power.

Neither the CPU or GPU overheat. The GPU remains under 75 celsius, even while gaming when I could. The CPU, per RealTemp, remains around 55 celsius on all cores.

Any advice would be nice. I'm hoping it's only one hardware piece, and not the whole thing.

Do I need any more info? And please, move this thread if it's in the wrong place.
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  2. Thank you for moving it; I'll keep this area in mind in the future. So anything I assemble and is a hardware issue, belongs in Homebuilt Systems?
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