Graphics card causing squeal in audio

HP Pavillion Desktop PC
Windows 7
Creative X-Fi Titanium Sound Card
Radeon HD6770 PCIe Graphics Card

After I installed this graphics card I immediately started having a high pitched squealing sound coming through my Peavey amp and speakers. It is there when ever I send any sound from the PC, music or games, it doesn't matter.
I figured that some frequencies generated by the graphics card were being picked up by the sound card, causing the squeal. I thought some shielding might fix that, so I installed a flat tin panel connected to the chassis between the graphics and sound cards, but als, the squeal is still there.
Anybody have suggestions?

Thanks much
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  1. did you try to put the video out cable far from the audio output of hte x-fi try a thin foil around the audio cable near the computer output as a shield
  2. Its also best to keep the video card and sound cards as far away from each other as possible. Have you tried adjusting the sound output from the card to have a lower gain? That may help too.
  3. Thanks scout_03 and maestro428. I opened it up and tried all of those things, but unfortunately, no improvement.
    Any more ideas anyone?
  4. just to make shure that the card is not the one who does the sound could you try her on another system or on a friend system
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