Do I need a graphics card for this?

I've been watching videos, and it's gotten me a little confused. Some say it's not mandatory to buy a graphics card, and some say it is. My build is not meant for gaming or anything.
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  1. It's not mandatory because your cpu comes with integrated graphics and your not using it for gaming.

    Get this cheaper because there is a $20 rebate Original Price 59.99 - $20 Rebate=$39.99
    Also Asus makes better quality and reliability mobo.
  2. Thanks! But the socket for that is FM1. The cpu I"m getting is FM2. Does it matteR?
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    Yes, it matters. That FM2 CPU will not work with the ASUS FM1 motherboard. Stick with your original set up. I put MSI on the same level as Gigabyte (about 1 step below ASUS) and I've never had a problem with Gigabyte boards.

    -Wolf sends
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