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ok guys, so I just build my pc and it all went great. I installed windows 8, then installed the mobo drivers that came with it and everything seems to be working just fine. My question is: I have seen on asrock.com (since my mobo is asrock) that there is new driver versions for win 8 64 bit, so I am thinking of downloading those and updating them, since the ones that came in the cd are older versions.
do I have to uninstall the older drivers? or do I just download the new ones and install them? i was looking at the uninstall program in control panel and i noticed the drivers i installed are listed there, so i thought i might just uninstall em and install the new ones? is that the right way to do it? thank you for your time.
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  1. Normally, I just install the newer drivers over the old drivers (with the exception of discrete graphic card drivers). Only if doing so causes issues (BSODs or loss of performance) do I uninstall drivers.

    -Wolf sends
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