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MSI Radeon 7770 drivers help...

Hey guys, this is a short question, but is there a driver downloader (windows 7 64 bit) that is specifically designed for the MSI Radeon 7770? can't really find any :(
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    You don't want drivers specifically for the MSI one, you want the drivers from Even if MSI offered brand-specific drivers, they wouldn't be as up-to-date or feature-rich as the AMD ones. Just get those. Be current, keep your features.
  2. Yeah, uhm, you shouldn't ever get drivers from the manufacturer - only the designer. Manufacturer's drivers, when they do exist, aren't updated as often and have extra stuff that you don't need.

    That said, the solution to your problems is to get the normal AMD drivers, and MSI afterburner.
  3. As noted, you'll do better downloading the drivers from AMD. I wouldn't even bother installing whatever is provided by MSI.
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