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Made a new thread because this one is pointless. Sorry.
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  1. Well sheesh. I expected at least one reply, especially when all I really wanted to know was one simple thing.

    Talk about a let down.
  2. If you have money coming your way for Xmas, I would wait until you have it all in hand. Personally, I would not upgrade to the old Phenom II architecture as it has been out a while and there are better things to buy. There are always component and package deals floating around Newegg and TigerDirect. I would honestly replace all components in that list, but at the least the Power Supply, besides the mobo,cpu,mem. They do tend to deminish over the years and would hate to put nice new components in a system, just to see a PSU fail and take them out. Newer units have protection circuits.
  3. Well I basically have the money in hand now. And of course it would be ideal to replace everything but I simply cannot, I don't have the funds.

    As some point later I might can, but for now it isn't an option.

    The HDDS aren't going to ruin anything. And the video card will put out nice enough graphics for me.

    The PSU isn't too hot but it should power it but yes, it could give out and fry everything. But I just have to face that risk because if I want to upgrade, replacing that just isn't in the budget unless I were to take a downgrade in the CPU dept, because the mobo and ram I can get are already in the budget area.

    And taking a hit to the CPU quality just means I'll need to replace that later on.
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