How to setup dual monitors with my dedicated graphics card

So I have an AMD Radeon HD 6950 and the Intel i5 3550 with the integrated graphics. On the back of my PC I have an HDMI port that goes to my dedicated graphics card along with what I think is a DVI port and a VGA port that goes into my integrated graphics. My main monitor right now is hooked into the HDMI port but my other monitor only has a VGA port. So is there any way I can reroute my VGA port on my PC to go to my dedicated card or do I need to buy some type of DVI to VGA adapter? Thanks in advance.

Here is a pic of the ports that I think are DVI
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  1. You would need a DVD to VGA adapter. They do not cost to much. Here is one from Sapphire With those cards you would need to use the top DVI port, the one right next to the HDMI.
  2. The ports on the graphics card uses the graphics card. The ports on the mobo uses the integrated. You will only be gaming on one monitor so which one the second monitor is in really doesn't matter. You can use both gpus at the same time.
  3. Will I have to change any settings in the BIOS or when I plug it in will it automatically recognize the two monitors?
  4. It should automatically see both. Some mobos have an option to disable the igpu, just make sure it is enabled.
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