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I think I may have encountered a bad cluster on my HDD. I've noticed that when running certain apps my HDD will be spinning and seeking as normal, but it will then stop suddenly and the PC will freeze. I've tried using
San-Disk in thorough mode) and all the sectors check out ok, but once it hits cluster 17,557 (or something close) the HDD stops working and the PC freezes. I then tried running Disk Defrag and the same thing happens when my drive is 10% defragged. Any advise as to how I can root out this problem so my computer will stop freezing would be appreciated. I am fairly certain that it is just a bad cluster because, as your can see, I have access to the internet and all my other applications, the problem only occurs when the HDD hits the bad cluster. Thanks for any help.

- JonDawg
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  1. If the drive is still under warranty, the manufacturer should replace it. You should not have a problem getting a replacement. In my opinion, any disk which causes scandisk to hang is faulty.

    If it is not under warranty, you could try to reformat the HD and hope that the bad sector is indexed out. But I would be inclined to get a new HD, rather than risk complete failure.

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  2. > <font color=green>“ If the drive is still under warranty, the manufacturer should replace it.”</font color=green>

    Also haven’t have any problems with replacement, even got larger harddisks.
    I believe, all major manufacturers provide 3 years warranty on IDE harddisks.
    Some time ago I was taught by my teachers: never implement low-level format, it’s not safe and should be done by the manufacturers, they have special utilities. When I visited the manufacturer’s main service department, their depot technician told that low-level format is not recommended.

    Now the manufacturers supply new boxed harddisks with utilities. Or if you phone the manufacturer about your problem, they might recommend to use their software to low level format.
    First time I have read that low-level format became safe with newer harddrives, was in Upgrading and Repairing PC's by Scott Mueller, QUE, 10th edition. There's an article on that topic there, explaining why the author thinks so.
    But I agree, if the drive is still under warranty, the manufacturer should replace it.
  3. Just to let you know what is a cluster:

    now, if it is determined when you format drive, haow can it means a hardware issue.

    it could be possibly damaged, but a bad cluster is not equal to a hard drive damage.

    try running manufacturers diagnsotics to hard drive.

    also reinstall O.S. reformatting and repartitioning your hard drive.

    Note: i have 5 years working in DELL and i have seen a lot of this..
    so please read the article and think about it.
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