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So I went to my local Fry's today to get a few things. The major thing I went for would be a wireless usb adapter for my new build(I can't run a wire around throughout the house to hard wire it). So I believe I found a good one, it's a Netgear N600 wireless dual band adapter. Of course I don't know much about networking so an employee recommended I also buy Netgear N600 wireless dual band gigabit router.

Now my question is this. Is this really needed? I do mostly gaming so every bit helps. I realize the N-network is "faster" then the G-network but will I see a difference? I currently have at&t u-verse 18mbps service plan with a 3801HGV modem. Regardless I will keep the usb adapter as I will need it, but I dont know if the performance the n router offers will make a difference with me most likely not even maxing out the g modem.

If it is worth it then can someone refer me to a good setup guide? The employee mentioned something about having to change some settings on the 3801HGV to change it to just a modem instead of a modem/router combo and then set up the router to take over from there. I personally am thinking that he was just trying to get the company money, as having them come to install it would be an extra $99.

Thanks for any help I may receive on this issue.
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  1. As you've observed, you can't ship bandwidth around the house any faster than it comes through the door so there's no point in having such a fast router unless you're planning to upgrade your ISP connection.

    Any Wireless G capable router will link up with your MODEM and form the hub of a wireless network - just remember to secure it so no-one else gets in and slows things down. The Sticky Post at the top of this sub-Forum page tells you all you need to know.

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