7850 with a 430w PSU

Could a 7850 run with a Corsair 430w PSU or should I stick with a 7770? My CPU is a i5-3750k
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  1. Probably, if you didn't try to do insane overclocks of both your CPU and graphics card. Stock, your CPU is 77W and the 7850 can't use more than 150W.
  2. You should be fine with that PSU. I have the same setup (3570k and 7850) and when I did the research, it should only draw about ~350w max full load. I would advise taking Twelve's suggestion if you want to be more cautious, though.
  3. it should be fine if the power supply can actually output the rated amount,and if it can remain stable while outputting that wattage.
    I would recommend making sure the 12v rail has at the very least 29 amps on it.more amps is better.
    also make sure it has a 6 pin auxiliary cable,the 7850 needs one to run,otherwise you'll need to use a molex to pcie 6 pin connector.
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    The HD 7850 under load pulls a max of ~100 watts using Furmark. It will never pull that in any other situation.

    The Corsair 430CX is made by CWT and is an overall great power supply. There are likely 2 versions on the market right now the 430CX V2 and the 430CX V3 that is replacing it. The V2 is 80 Plus Certified and supplies 28 amps on the 12v rail. The new V3 is 80 Plus Bronze Certified and supplies 32 amps on the 12v rail. Both versions are sufficient for a system with an HD 7850.

    If you plan on running 2 cards in Crossfire go with a 600w PSU.
  5. Would I have a little headroom to overclock a small amount (no crossfiring or anything else)?
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