My computer stutters and makes a momentary noise

I have a problem with my new computer where the video (whatever it is; video game, movie, web, mouse) will freeze for one second and there will be an indescribable noise that will last only a second (can be loud or quite). Sometimes it will only make the noise and the video will be just fine. Sometimes It will go a while before it happens and other times it will happen every 10 seconds or so. I have checked the cpu usage and nothing changes when this problem occurs (no spikes). I have made a video on youtube showing exactly what it sounds like - --- It happens most while playing games and sometimes will crash the game on rare occasion. I reinstalled windows 7 recently and noticed it made the noise before I even installed anything else so It must be the hardware or something else. My system specs -- intel i5 3570k (not overclocked), 8 gig ram, nvidia gtx 660 ti oc 3gb edition, windows 7, ga-z77-d3h motherboard, xtremegear 800 watt 80 plus power supply, 2TB hard drive with 30gig ssd in raid mode using intel rapid response, temps for both gpu and cpu are around 30 C at idle. Any help is appreciated, thank you!
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  1. Harddrive fault or memory issue i would assume.

    Try running mem test and SMART or another HHD test and see what you get.
  2. I ran windows memory diagnostic and it passed. I ran Seagate hard drive short drive self test and it failed. At least I know it wasn't all in my head now.. thank you so much Darth! simple advice proved to be the best.. and I am still under warranty, thank god. I am not sure if this will fix my problem, however, so I will report back when I get the hard drive replaced
  3. I had a dodgy Caviar green HDD and it caused my system to lock up and max processor and all kinds of odd things.

    Let us know if it helps.
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