Decent upgrade of GPU?

Hi Guys, just want to get your opinion on what is a decent upgrade for minimal $$

my PC is as follows

GPU = 2x GTS 250 1GB.

CPU = I7 930

RAM = 16GB (8gb Corsair Dominator and 8gb G-Skill Ripsaw) im pretty sure they are 2400.

Mother Board = EVGA X58 Classified Edition

Power Supply = EVGA XFX 750 Black Edition

Operating System = Windows 7 ultimate

My MOBO is a 3 SLI so im not opposed to putting another 250 1gb in there but is it worth it? of course tho i want atleast a 50% increase in performance on top of what i have now so whatever you guys come up with ill look in to it. but what it cheap lol!

never had a game beat my computer yet but im sure it will happen if i don't upgrade!
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  1. It not recomended sli for low end card but since u already done that, its ok, just dont triple sli later,

    Or if u want a good gpu, maybe gtx650ti, gtx660ti or the gtx 670=hd7950(higher end)

    The 670 beat the radeon on most game with a little fps different, buy if u see the
    Price is resonable for the 7950 over 670, u should get it i think, feel free to ask more
  2. Well, another GTS 250 can't nearly deliver +50% performance over what you have now. I'm with Ceee9, a 7950 would give you +80-100% performance over your current setup, depending on the game, and it's a good value too.
  3. so im looking at about 300 bucks for 80% increase, hrmmm.
  4. Its good i can make sure of that :D

    Bt u didnt mention ur budget either :whistle:

    It a good buy, especially 670, as if u sli it in the future, it perfom almost the same like the gtx 690, 2-11 frame lesser the the beast, A VALUE BUY
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