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Hello all,

I would really appreciate some assistance in this matter

I've been having some issues with my 3 year old computer. A couple of days ago I had a BSOD and since then it's been unstable to say the least. When in windows it will eventually crash and restart but the hdd will be missing so I will be forced to cut the power and start it up again for it to find my ssd. At first I suspected that my SSD drive was faulty and I'm still not sure thats not the case.

I've also tried a different PSU with no luck and after a couple of hours of memtest my memory sticks showed 0 errors. Now I'm starting to think that the motherboard is the cause since if I try to boot from a usb stick with a install of win 7 or 8 it will just start the loading and then sit there. I can always get into windows again after a hard reboot but since it will inevitably crash after a couple of minutes to an hour something is obviously broken, the attempt to do a re-install will fail even if i remove the SSD and if i attempt to boot from my dvd it will never spin up.

Specs that matters are:
Motherboard: GA-MA790FXT <- prime suspect for now.
CPU: AMD Phenom II 955 <- usually not the cpu thats faulty so I'd say it's unlikely this is the cause
Memory: 8 GB Corsair <- done some testing and seems fine
PSU: Corsair TX750W <- tested another and problem still occurs
SSD: Crucial M4 <- the fact that I can't load up the windows installer even if this disc is removed points to some other cause.

I'm really suspecting it's the motherboard at this point but it would be annoying to say the least to spend money on a new one only to find the problem still there.

Does anyone here have any other idea I could try before resorting to buying a new motherboard in the hopes that it will resolve my problem?
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  1. Have you tried resetting the bios by removing the board battery with the power supply unplugged?
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