DNS lookup failed/DNS server not responding?

Hey guys,

I have a Windows XP laptop and a Windows 7 desktop. The desktop has no wifi support, I had built it myself. To get internet on my desktop (used for games), I had connected my laptop to the pc, and the laptop picked up wifi from my AT&T gateway in another part of the house. ( I can't move the gateway currently) I have been wanting to connect the desktop to a router/repeater/bridge that would pick up my gateway signal, therefore eliminating the use of the laptop. I also have an Xbox right next to the pc, so I din't want to get an adapter because then I would have to purchase two, so I picked up a a wireless n router with 4 ethernet ports. ( then I could connect both systems using 2 ethernet cables) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833166064&Tpk=rnx-n150rt

I knew when purchasing the router that it had repeater/bridge support. Currently, I have it configured as a wifi bridge. I can connect to it via my laptop, on the wireless networks page, it shows my gateway signal, and the bridge/router, so I connect to the router. It says I have excellent connection, but I can't connect to the internet? Using Google Chrome, it says DNS lookup failed. I can't get on any website, only the router's config page, which is I also connected the router to my pc, and when troubleshooting it says DNS server not responding, may be non existant or incorrect?

I have set up the bridge correctly, using the manual. http://www.rosewill.com/Mgnt/Uploads2/AttachmentForProduct/rnx-n150rt_support_3modes.pdf

How do I fix this? All I want is the router to pick up the wifi signal and relay it to my pc and xbox via ethernet cables. :cry:
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  1. I'm confused as to what is connected to what.

    diagram the network from the ISP connection. Modem > Router > Laptop and PC? or Modem > Router > Laptop > your new router > PC?

    What is this new router connected to?
  2. This is how it goes.

    wall > gateway/router > new router > laptop & pc

    My gateway is connected to the jack in the wall. I don't know if you would call the gateway a modem or a router, but it emits a wifi signal.

    I want the new router, which I set in wifi bridge mode, to pick up the signal from the gateway, via wifi. Then I could connect my pc to the new router(wired).

    Here's a diagram: ----(wired); - - - -(wireless)

    wall jack------- gateway- - - - - - - - - - router------PC & Xbox
  3. hm...change your dns to and alternate,I assume from what you have done that everything is right
  4. What IP settings does the router get from the gateway? I take it that thing is a combo modem/router from the ISP? Did you turn off DHCP on the router?
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