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Hey everyone, just need some help making sure I'm doing right with my money, spending carefully an what not.

Would ieally like to cut costs a little, but without making the overall build suffer - it is intended for playing modern games on ultra settings!

Ok so this is my build list below as it stands. Anything that you think needs changed?

Current list of parts: http://www.ebuyer.com/lists/list/108787
Total: £908.55

Downgraded from the GTX670 the the HD7950 after researching it a little more, cuts my costs a little, seems like I can alwsys overclock and get close if not slightly over the same specs as the 670?

Anywhere cheaper than Ebuyer?

No need to worry about the operating system, keyboard or mouse.

Looking to buy ASAP, preferably today.

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  1. Check out this site..


    Select UK in the upper right hand corner.
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