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I just installed a joystick from Gravis with USB support. Everything went fine until I rebooted my system...

* I installed the joystick into the USB port
* system found the joystick and I installed drivers from the CD supplied
* configured the joystick for the game and it worked fine

Later that day when I rebooted my system I recevied a message before my PC before it entered Windows 98 SE that it was looking for this file:

gxpmw.vxd in the system.ini

I haven't installed any software before or after the joystick install so I don't know what is going on. Please advise... Whats this file? How do I fix the problem?

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  1. Thanks for your help! The problem is solved. When I first installed the joystick I installed the drivers from the Gravis CD without installing there software. I guess *.vxd file points to program/file that the Gravis software installs so once I installed the entire Gravis program on my system the problem was solved.

    Thanks agian!

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