Computer randomly turns off

I have a problem with my computer shutting down randomly. it isn't a windows shutdown and happens without warning. i want to know what is wrong if someone could help that would be brilliant.

AMD Athlon 7550 Dual-Core Processor x2
NVIDIA GeForce GT 430
DDR PC2-6400 2gb
psu: is un labeled but says to be 500 watts, and 18a on 12v1 and 16a on 12v2

This is what i know about the problem
-it probably isn't software related, i have run anti-virus (avg, microsoft security essentials, malware bytes), also it can sometimes happen before windows starts, or even before i get a single beeb from my motherboard speaker
-its not my temps, i have run core temp and it doesn't seem to happen when the core temp is high (even then my load is about 50 degrees at most after 6 hours of prime95)
-seems to be more often during startup, or relatively soon after startup maybe 30min) it happens much less if the computer is doing a task, only once happend during a game, and once during prime 95, (after 6 hours)
-i have moved by ram from one slot to the other, doesn't seem to make a huge difference
-started after september 2012 ish
-i don't think it is a sticky case power button, i changed the reset button so it is the power button, didn't really help (now changed it back)
-it seems to happen much more often on the internet, particularly youtube
-my motherboard doesn't seem to have anything wrong with it, like leaking capactiors (though i am not at all an expert)
-i don't have any ram or psu hanging around the place to switch it with
-the computer doesn't ever warn me it is going to suddenly going to crash
-it happened once during bios (though can't exactly remember)

any tips, i also would prefer if multiple people gave an answer just becuase then i have multiple opinions(i might add to this later on if i notice any more pattersn)

also is this in the right place, i didn't know where to put it

Thanks in advance
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  1. Check the Event Log and see if there is any entries with the yellow caution sign or the red error sign.
  2. You need to check your event logs and bsod logs. If there are no entries for the problem, it is most likely a power supply problem and will have to be replaced.
  3. what are where is bsod log?

    thanks for the really quick replies
  4. c:/windows/minidump

    for the BSOD logs/dumps
  5. Really sounds like power supply. No way to borrow one to test?
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