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:hello: hi i have zotac gtx 570 synergy edition i want to know is these temp are normal idle 55 and load temp 75 is this normal or too high :hello:
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  1. Idle temp is terrible and load temp is up there aswell..I'd say no thats not normal what case do you have? computer case?
  2. Rockdpm said:
    Idle temp is terrible and load temp is up there aswell..I'd say no thats not normal what case do you have? computer case?

    i have corsair 400 r
  3. the load temp is still within acceptable range for cards such as GTX570. but i agree with Rockdpm that the idle temp is a bit high. check your card for dust just to be sure the fan and heatsink are clean to maximize cooling performance of your card. second check your case air flow.
  4. i check and when playing games reaches to 77 temp and ideal is 55
  5. does your case have proper intake - outake fans? did you leave your gpu fan setting with auto or manual setting?
  6. yes it have two intake and 1 outake 2 in front 1 in rear fan is spining too
  7. hmm now my temp reaches to 80 c
  8. i'm no expert in case air flow but that should be fine. this leaves the adjustment to the card itself. try increasing the fan speed. it is better done with 3rd party application such as MSI after burner. with after burner you can adjust the fan speed with accordance to the gpu temp. with such a tool you can tune fine the balance between gpu temperature and fan speed/noise.
  9. should i clean the heatsink and replace the thermal paste
  10. my 570's never go above 60, so idling at 55 is way high.
    I think mine idle at like 30 something...

    The card CAN operate up to 80+, but that is starting to get to the maximum operating temp and is very dangerous for the GPU...
  11. you should clean the heatsink but the thermal paste only need replacement when necessary. try playing around with the fan speed first. normally the life cycle for a thermal paste can go up to 2 years.
  12. Yea so check your fan speed and come back and tell us what you experienced. if it was just the fan speed this its possible that either the card was injected with a little too much voltage from factory or the fan speed wasn't set right from factory. if your temps are still above acceptable ranges.. I would RMA my card imediately of get a new one because the chip could be faulty
  13. i have read an article on other sites they said its fine i have change the thermal paste on gpu and now idle is 48 before 55 and temp load is maximum is 78 to 80 which happens when playing ghost recon future soldier which poorly optimized for pc but when i play borderlands 2 temp is is 70 and never crosses i think its the software issue load hhhhmm ubisoft have to make games that optimal playable for system
    i hope assassin creed 3 will be optimal
    my fan speed are auto adjustable as per temp 1680rpm speed of fan at idle and maximum 1800 on 70s temp and also its a synergy edition and its stock or refernce card which is modded by heatpipes nothing is just
  14. How many monitors are you using? if its more than one then that can account for a high idle...

    Your load temps are nothing to worry about..
  15. i m using gigabyte 970 ads3 mobo with easy tuner 6 temp
    and gpuz sensors
  16. What your ambient temp?Most people seems to forget that not everyone leaves where ambient temp is around 20c.LOL.80 is just fine for GPU.Fermi runs hots.See nvidia site.Max is over 95c.Don't RMA just becoz your temp reaches 80c.
  17. From Hardware-Mag.DE's review of the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 570 (Nvidia GeForce GTX 570, 732/1464/950 MHz, 1280 MB GDDR5):

    GPU temperature (Idle): 40.0°C

    GPU temperature (Load): 85.0°C

    I'd say your temperatures are well within normal.
  18. 480, 570, and 580 are all Hoyt cards in most cases its the 480 and 580 that's hottest. But since the 480 and 570 use the same chip basically
  19. ^ 480 and 570 use identical chip in design but the latter were using a chip that tweak further to reduce power consumption (GF110). both card have 480 CUDA cores but 480 have much higher tpd than 570 (250 vs 219).
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