BF3 &Dirt 3, dont work with semi 3d surround vision? help plz.

Hey guys.
A little while ago i acutally managed to play skyrim and Project Cars on
my 2xBenQ GW2750's non 3d and Asus VG278H 3d monitor in surround 3d.

Meaning. Left and right monitor shows 2d and middel monitor is 3d.
Works Great!
I call it semi 3d surround :P

But how?
In skyrim i can set the refresh rate to 60 and i assume that dosnt change when i activate 3d and start the game.
And therefor the 3d monitor shows the game in 3d with 60 hz which i cant say i see much difference compared to 3d on 120hz.

But i didnt think it was possible to run 3d with no less than 120hz???

Now Dirt 3 and battlefield both crashes with error whene i trie the same
I think becuse when launch the game with 3d enabled dirt 3 and battlefield 3 adjusts the settings to 120hz.
And my left and right monitor dos not support this and therefor it crashes?
So if i could force max 60hz on the games. Perhaps i could play this games aswell. With 1 3d monitor in the middel and 2 non 3d monitors on the left and right side.

But than agian, i dont get a message on the monitor saying not suported or something wich i usually do when i run with a to hige hz on a monitor.

So im not quite sure what to make of it.
Ill try some more and see if i can somehow force 60 hz as max.
And lock the settings so that it cant be changed.

For those who do not think this semi surround 3d works, try it with Nvidias own 3d demo in the controll panel.
And set Hz to 60.
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  1. Bumped :)

    No one els that can try this?
    Would be quite awsome to be able to play everygame with 1 3d monitor and 2 non 3d.

    Its a hell lot cheaper than 3x3d monitors.
    It works just as great with the few games that works.
    Iv tested both full 3d surround and my semi 3d surround.
    Its hard to spot the differnce as you never acutally look at the right and left side monitors.
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