Why is my GPU running so hot?

I just built a new system the other day, and in this system was a shiny new GTX 560 Ti Hawk. Today I finally got all of the programs up and running that I wanted. Before doing any gaming, I decided to run the Unigine benchmark program to make sure my temperatures were reasonable.

They weren't. My resolution is only 1280x720 (I'm hooked up to a small HDTV), with a 60Hz refresh rate. I had most settings turned up to high, but I turned off the crazy stuff like anti-aliasing. I wasn't sure if my GPU could handle it, but I was pulling an average of ~120 FPS. But I checked MSI Afterburner, and during the Unigine session my GPU was at 100 celsius for way too long.

I made a custom cooling curve in Afterburner, so my fans run at 100% above 60 celsius. I did the benchmark again, with the same results. I did it a third time, but with VSync turned on, so I was locked at 60 FPS. Performance was fine, and my temps were maxing out in the 70's somewhere.

I guess I've solved the issue, but why should I need to cut my FPS in half to get reasonable temps? My case is a bit cramped, I guess - it's the Rosewill Challenger. Should I fix my cable management a bit?
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  1. Well it doesn't really matter that it is a 60fps. But, that is a problem. When my 560ti was breaking those were the temps they were getting, then in a few weeks it started freezing. So I would call or email msi, or the retailer you bought it from, they might be able to send you a new one. With evga it took about 2 weeks to rma so returning would probably take less time.
  2. If its brand new, you might want to send it back. They may have not seated the cooler properly.

    It can't be dust. Is there anything restricting airflow to the card?
  3. I can take a picture of my cable management a little later. It's not the best, but there's nothing directly blocking airflow. If I send it back, would I need to pay shipping, and then wait a week for a refund? It sounds like such a painful process.
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