Molex to 6-pin

I have an EVGA gtx 260 core216 and wanted to add a second card (for around 60$). firstly, is that worth the extra performance? if so, i have an ultra 650W psu

that only has 2 6-pin connectors. i have 4 molex connectors I can use with converters, but is that bad for the psu at all?
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  1. If you have to use molex-->PCI-e connectors to get enough PCI-e connectors, there is a 99% chance that your PSU isn't good enough to do what you're asking it to do and you should just buy a new, better quality power supply.
  2. BigMack70 is right, if u use molex to 6 pin connector it basicly means your PSU cant handle that much.
    Anyways GTX 260 is history get a new card.
  3. well the psu has 650W power and i know thats enough in terms of power but when i bought it there was no psu under $100 that had 4 pci-e connectors!
  4. and i wanted to sli since i dont have money for a new rig right now :)
  5. oh by the way this is the card i have:

    and this is the one im buying for 60$

    sry for spamming :)
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    Your PSU nearly won't be enough for two.
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