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Hello i have umax tvision 5821,when i connect it to my computer with vga cable screen appears but in pink colour what is the problem me........ thanx in advace
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  1. Most times that is a cable issue. Does the cable work fine on the monitor to PC?

    Make sure you have no bent pins and the cable is plugged in firmly.
  2. yes,cable plugged in firmly when i connect same cable to other crt monitors it displays correctly but when i connect to my acer led monitor it shows only pink colour
  3. Is there any way to buy the cable or have to buy a new tv tuner card?
  4. If it does not have the standard VGA end it may be hard to get a new cable.

    Any color options you can mess with that may make the pink less annoying?

    Maybe something is slightly different with the newer screens vs the old ones.

    Last time I tried anything like that it was IBM-TV. Same idea, just many years older(you keyboard plugged into it as well so you could control the TV and it used an overlay to allow you to watch in a window while using the PC). At the time everything was CRT.
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