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Hello all!
I have been wanting to make a gaming build for a while. I am going to use this computer with my TV as a "gaming console" of sorts, so I'm ok with playing with some disabled settings as long as I can play full screen or 1080p. I wold like to know if I can fulfill my needs in a cheaper fashion.
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  1. That CX430 won't work with a Radeon 7850 - you need at least the CX500 or CX600. Also better to get 2 x 4GB instead of 4 x 2GB. And Hitachi HDs are very unreliable - get Seagate or WD instead.
  2. You should get a better quality PSU - maybe an XFX 500W. And you should get RAM that is 2x4GB instead of 4x2GB - it gives you more room for expansion and will help it last longer.
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    This should be able to get the job done with the same performance as your current build. You can spend $10 more to get 2x4gb cas 7 ram if you want better ram as the motherboard doesn't support 1600 or swap to 1 stick of ram. But I chose to go with good quality cheap ram so you have dual channel. Also managed to put in a 600w PSU so you can OC. Used a cheap micro atx mobo, just read the instructions I am under the impression some of the bad reviews from people they didn't read it. The board isn't pretty and I wouldn't be surprised if a large GPU blocked the use of some of the sata ports so in the future you may have to buy sata cables with a 90 angle or not be able to use them. But for gaming and overclocking this should get the job done. Also threw in a 1tb HD as the price difference fro 500gb to 1tb is small enough to justify the $10-15 extra to spend.

    $631 - 45 mail in = 588
  4. This one is nice :D I would like USB3, though. So i'll look around for a good deal with one of those. Thanks :D
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