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I have a case, disc drive, and 550 gb between 3 hdd's. But I have an ancient mobo, CPU, and video card. I would like to upgrade to play D3 and skyrim. Was thinking an amd mobo with am3 CPU slot, a dual core 2.8 + ghz CPU and a 2 gb radeon gpu. But help on the specifics would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. What is your budget?
  2. Are you looking for something more along the lines of the $500 SBM machine, or leaning more towards the performance of the $1000? I recently (4 months ago) built a new system myself for $1200, I would recommend most of the parts from, but as JMer806 said, whats ur budget?
  3. I was thinking 200 to 350 but my dad taught me a lot about getting the best price for things be it used refurbished or oem. So brand new brand name I'd say 600-800 and I'd look around for the best price or different versions with the same stats.
  4. You're going to want to start with your graphics card, and cpu. Those are going to be the most expensive, and basically dictate where you build from there. What resolution are you looking to play at? Med-high settings in the games you listed with a 1920x1080 monitor you're going to want at least comparable parts to those used in the $500 SBM machines, leaning more towards the parts in the $1000 machine. Not needing a hdd is good, but I'd suggest picking up at least a 60GB ssd for your C: drive, it helps immensely with load times, and general operation of the machine. Try picking parts and posting what you come up with, and we can go from there.
  5. Almost forgot:,3195.html,3074.html

    Read those and they will give you a very good idea of what kind of parts you're going to need to run what resolution/settings you want.
    This is my thought for motherboard CPU combo. A starting point at least.
  7. That's pretty pricey, though, considering your budget, but yes it's a starting point.

    What about a GPU?
  8. i recently built my bro a pc mostly for about 350 it was the fx 6100 which recently dropped about 50 bucks, a nice 50 dollar mobo for the am3+ cpu and 500gb hd for about 80 but they also dropped, for the gpu id say a 550ti or 7770 so just by rounding a mobo 50 cpu 100 and gpu 100 easily you could just spend 250

    so this cpu
    and this mobo

    together are 160 then a gpu or go with the phenom series but its about the same price. or for 50 bucks more the new 6300 cpu is a new version of the 6100
  9. Thanks, was thinking of this for a gpu and I can't seem to get ur mobo link to work.
  10. house359 said:
    Thanks, was thinking of this for a gpu and I can't seem to get ur mobo link to work.

    That is a pretty good card, and not a bad price, either.
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