Problem with my ATi TV Wonder VE card


I bought the ATi TV Wonder VE card a couple months ago. She always worked fine in Windows 9x, but she doesn't work in Windows 2000-XP

I can't install drivers from the ATi Drivers CD, cause it been made only for windows 9x.

So, I descided to go on the website of ATi and download ATI Multimedia Center 7.1 (MMC_7_1_TVWONDER.exe), but it don't seem to work. I think I need something else? Is it possible? I cannot wait anymore to watch the TV on my computer!!!

Thks in advance for your help,
Best regards,

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  1. I bought the ati tv wonder pci and have the same problem.I tried everything and i can't get it to work. All the components seem to work, but when i turn on my "video in" all i get is a blue screen. When i called ATI, they were less than helpfull, and have yet to reply to my e-mails. This is the last thing i buy off of these bozos. It was obvious that i knew more about this card than they did, which is pathetic to say the least!!! I too have gotten that mmc exe file off of their site, followed it to a T, and still nothing. It seems to me that they didn't really test it with windows xp, might be just their way of assuring sales on this product with XP users. Very dissapointing, they basically will take your money, but are not willing to help when their product doesn't work, and i double checked before i bought this product to see if it was compatible with windows XP, which they CLAIM it is, but that is obviously a false statement. What a crappy company, i am now on a quest to discourage anyone from buying anything off these jokers and to discredit them to the fullest of my abilities. If i don't find a fix for this soon, i'll have to bring it back since i've had it for two weeks without having used it succesfully. Computer techs in my neck of the woods all seem to be inexperienced with capture cards, so no one can help me. Also, the only capture card available here are the ATI's, no other company that makes capture cards is available where i live, so if i don't get this to work, i'm simply stuck without a capture card. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr PLEASE HELP
    I'm using a 1Ghz pentium3 with 256 ram with my Gforce2-64-video card, i figure this setup should be ok for capturing?
    THX :)
  2. your not the only one on a quiet quest to destroy that company.

    We're 'just' consumers, and we've got nvidia on our side.
    It would take some personal asskissing to get me to buy another one of their products and the only one I have bought recently is a Tv Wonder, same one you guys have besides I have the stereo version.

    There is a leaked ATI MMC 7.5 on, I use XP and tried the software, I can't get the TV function to even come up. I have spent more time fiddling with this card than any other part in my homebuilt system.

    I suggest you guys use DScaler to use your card or sell it and buy a hauppauge, they come with remotes and a friend of mine who owns the TV-D (surround sound capable tuner!) said even their drivers were stable in XP even during the beta runs.

    I'm usually for the underdog but i feel your guys' pain, that company sucks. If you get the MMC 7.5 software to allow you to use yoru TV tuner contact me so I can figure out what I'm doing wrong.

    Like you, I use a nvidia card (GTS) with my tv wonder, thats probably half our problems.

    Edit- I wanted to provide a link for the originator and anyone else who got swindled into buying a ATI tv tuner to Dscaler. <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
    It works flawlessly under XP and has some capture features tho I don't use them. This should fix both your guys' problems.

    "dude your getting a dell", is that kid trying to say he wants to stick his 'dell' in you?<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by kinney on 12/09/01 02:53 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  3. Hey guys! I finaly found our answer!!

    Install ATI Multimedia Center 7.1. After this, go in Device Manager/Other devices and you should see these two things:

    - Multimedia Controller
    - Multimedia Video Controller

    those two "controllers" are your TV tuner. You have to right click on each device and manually install the drivers which are located in the directory you installed the software in.

    It should work after this!
  4. kinney thx for your simpathy, and yes
    i will continue to bash this company, as well as send as many hate mail to them as it takes until they answer me, the little bastards. i still have 2 week to bring it back, so at least i didn't get screwed out of my hard earned money. thx for the tip cinimod, but unfortunately, been there, done that, got the shotgun and shells. lol
    i have, however found that overlay thing that AMD man suggested in my advanced menu but i don't have a 'tv tuner fix' anywhere in site. I screwed around with it, and now i'm just getting an error when i click on my tv video input, so i screwed something up. I went back and then clicked on something else, and i then got a blue fullscreen and it freezes, then i have to reboot. [-peep-] now i have to find out what the original setting are. Yuppers, she's going back for sure, cos 2 weeks and i still haven't figured it out. I will take that into consideration and go check that site now kinney. thx guys much appreciated
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