Need help choosing a good mid-tower

I'm looking for a good midtower case!
My first choice (as I haven't looked properly and would like some recommendations) is the Define R4 (probably with the side window) I love it's simplicity and any case like that really appeals to me.
I want something that can house all my components, something that has a lot of customization options (I'm a sucker for LED's, Fans that glow and all that kind of stuff) and is "moddable". Water cooling potential isn't a must, but it would be great.

My specs are as follows:
My specs are:
Asus P8z77-V Deluxe
32gb G.Skill X Series @1800mhz
i7 2600k
Corsair HX850w
Cooler Master HAFX (Right now I'm watercooling my system, with a different GPU (5970), using a 360mm Rad and a Koolance Res/Pump)
I ordered a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus for air cooling til I decide whether I want to get back into water cooling or not.

Other stuff includes
2x 3.5inch HDD
2x 2.5in SSD
1x Blu-ray Optical
1x DVD optical
1x fan controller
Creative Fatal1ty soundcard

my main concern is air flow, I'm worried about the fit for my two 680's and I don't want to have them crammed with no air. I will gladly invest in extra cooling options if needed, and my budget is about $250USD.

Right now, I've got my eyes on the Phantom 820, which is a full tower, and it will be a long term investment, however, I'd love to also expand my options and look into a midtower that can fill my needs and fit nicely on my desk without having my parents think I plan on housing dead humans (They saw my HAFX the other day and thought I could fit atleast 3 bodies in there >.>)

Anyway, you're suggestions and advice is well noted :D Thank you :D
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