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Hello all,

In the near future I am planning to purchase a new video card. From my experiences I prefer purchasing a nvidia card at the moment. But the only thing preventing me from making this purchase, is one question, will the 2 gigabyte which nvidia usually offers bottleneck in the near future compared to the 3 gigabytes which the high end AMD's got nowadays. With more and more games being out with great textures, like Battlefield 3, Skyrim (modded), and more of course, my current vram is bottlenecking my system. I don't want this to happen in the next few years, and during those years I prefer to run as many games as possible on maxed settings. So am I being overconcerned about the extra vram AMD cards offer, or will AMD cards really last longer because of the extra gigabyte of vram?

I'd be glad to hear your opinions!
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  1. probably over overconcerned, in the future you'll probably be upgrading due to some newer chipset than quantity of ram
  2. 2gb is going to be the minimum for the possible title of enthusiast in graphics cards soon.
    Anyway, 2gb will not bottleneck in the near future, 3gb will not bottleneck in the near future and beyond.

    Choose wisely.
  3. 2gb card are not a bottleneck unless your planning on doing Multi Monitor Gaming
    If your gaming on a Single monitor 2gb is plenty
  4. 2GB is good for any single display. The only exception is Skyrim if you run a lot of graphics mods concurrently, then it is possible to exceed 2GB on a single display. Modded Skyrim really eats into the VRAM. Otherwise, 3GB is only really necessary if you plan to do multi-monitor gaming.

    If you do really want to buy Nvidia, the only card from them I would recommend right now is the GTX 670. The GTX 680 is overpriced for the 5% performance boost it gives over the 670 and all the cards from the GTX 660Ti on down have crippled memory buses, which can lead to performance problems in certain games.
  5. Thank you for all the responses. I am sticking with one monitor for gaming so I think that 2 GB will be enough for me then. But can someone explain me what supernova11 said? I am not the greatest in computer technology, I understand a great deal of it, but what does he mean by crippled memory buses? Aren't they supposed to make a working product? A crippled memory bus sounds like a manufacturing flaw. I was indeed having my eyes on a MSI GTX 660Ti Power Edition. Any recommendations from other people?
  6. Your VRAM is where textures and such are stored, ready to be used by the GPU. The memory bus is the link between the two. The GTX660Ti and below only has a 128bit memory bus, The 670/680 and HD78XX have 256bit, while the HD79XX cards have 384bit.

    Essentially it means that the passage between the GPU and VRAM is narrower, so not as much data can move along it concurrently.
    So at higher resolutions where more textures are needed, can slow down performance as the GPU has to wait for all of it to arrive.

    Avoid MSI 660Ti's and 670's for the time being. On the Power Edition cards, there is an issue with the voltage controller that sends excessive voltage to a particular component in it. Get an ASUS or Gigabyte card.
  7. Ok, thank you for the information. I think at this moment I should be more looking for a GTX 670 from Asus or another manufacturer then.
  8. 2GB vram is fine even for modded skyrim
  9. Last question by the way, would a GTX 670 work with my system (main issue would be the PSU).
    My system consists out of a intel i7 950 CPU, ASUS x58 sabertooth mobo, 12 GB Ram, a WD20EARS 2tb HDD, a 500 gb hdd (brand and model I can't look up atm), Intel X25-M SSD 80 GB, and a Cooler Master 80+ GX650w PSU.
  10. As long as there is is a PCI-E slot and sufficient power, you can run any card you want.

    The CM GX650 isn't the best PSU around, but it isnt horrible. It will do.
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