Need tech support on gpu/cpu- copper shims/thermal pads/thermal paste.

Ok this is my first post here and trying to get some help. :bounce:
this is the first time I will be using thermal grease/thermal pads/copper shims.
I need to know the basics and some tutorials on how to, and what not to do, and things to be careful about.
I tried to look up some videos but still just not 100% sure on it.
I understand some what of to do but just still have some concerns/questions.

I Repair laptops for a hobby(all self tought) But Ive never really got into the cpu/gpu stuff.
I just bought Arctic Cooling MX-2 Thermal Compound off ebay should that work good for these on both cpu/gpu?
Right now I got

4x HP Dv6000 laptops(Dreaded Nvidia Chips)
1x Hp DM3
1x Hp Dv4
1x Compaq F700
1x Compaq CQ56
1x Toshiba U305
1x Gateway NV52
1x Emachines E528
1x Emachines E525

1 Question is should I use Copper Shims for any of these or just buy new Thermal Pads?
All of them have been taken apart and the gpu pads dont look to good anymore.
And do I need to get different sizes for each computer or should 1 size fit all?
If I need to just buy new thermal pads would any of these from ebay (links below) work and which would be the best?
Also what thinkness should I get when using a pad? 1mm? 1.5 mm? 2mm? 3mm?
As you can see from links im trying to buy a big pad to just cut down.

If I need copper shims what size do I need? 15mm x 15mm x 1.0mm or 20mm x 20mm x 1.5mm or????
Can anyone lead me so a very detailed video or pictures of shim installs.
also best way to apply the themal paste I got on cpu/gpu?

Thermal pads links:

If none of these work can someone point me in the right direction?
However I dont have a big budget to work on. I got about $20 to do this to all of these lol :pt1cable:

I tried to be detailed however might have left something out.
if you need any more info please let me know i will try to update asap.

Thank you.

Also forgot to ask. The DM3 laptop.
IT GETS HOTTT where the hard drive is.
Is there any kind of pad that will help with the heat i could put under the hard drive?
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