Finally Finished my first build. Damn that was a lot of work.

I just hooked up the Komodo GPU block and the extra 200mm radiator. My cooling system is

Reservoir > 1500 L/h Pump > 240mm Radiator > CPU > RAM> 200mm Radiator > 7970 > back to reservoir.

After upgrading the pump, 200mm rad, and adding the GPU my CPU tems have fallen alot. CPU used to idle around 50C now its 39C-42C. MY 7970 with stock cooler would also idle around 50C, now it idles around 29C. I also decided to get rid of that Ekoolant crap and go with distilled water with a kill coil.

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  1. That is Phenomenal for a first build!!!! Your rig looks like it was built by a seasoned pro.

    What are your full specs and what kind of HD7970 is that or what kind of liquid cooler do you have for it?
  2. O_O

    Can I have it?
  3. Thanks for the compliments.The GPU cooler is the KOMODO-HD7900 series full cover VGA waterblock. My specs are

    Intel i7 960 oc @ 4.1 GHz
    12 GB Corsair Dominator GT RAM at 1700mhz
    ASUS Rampage III Gene
    Coolermaster Silent Pro Gold 800w PSU
    Sandisk 240GB SSD
    MSI R7970-2PMD3GD5 Radeon HD 7970
    Alphacool VPP655 Pump 1,500 Liter/Hour

    Right now I have my GPU at Power limit =20%, Core Clock= 1125 MHz, & Memory Clock= 1575 MHz. I'm going to try to get the core clock past 1300 but afterburner has been giving me problems trying to increase the voltage.

    The case is a Corsair 600T and I must say the purchase I made that made me the happiest was the COOLER MASTER R4-S2S-124K-GP 120mm Case Fan 4 in 1 pack for $11.99. What a great deal on good fans.
  4. It's beautiful man. Good job!
  5. Really pretty build, I like the White Light colour, bit of retro and modern!
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