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I have a computer that I wish to upgrade then slide it to the kids. They will be playing Most Wanted and Skyrim. It's a Core 2 Duo E7500 @2.93GHZ. 4GB of DDR3 RAM 1600MHZ. A Radeon HD5450. Should I upgrade to a Core 2 Quad or to a HD 7750?? Don't worry I will be purchasing a new PC. Ive put this 130$ just for this upgrade. And yes.. The PSU is a standard dell PSU. Its MAX output (Calculation not what advertised) is 240w. It has no PCIe connectors thats why I am opting for the 7750. Thanks!
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  1. Neither....
  2. Same with amuffin, I'd wait. If your building a new pc just wait otherwise its a waste of money. Not to mention I wouldn't put a 7750 in a 240w generic psu. (though dell psus are usually pretty ok and the 7750 + E7500 are relatively low power I would still err on the side of caution)
  3. amuffin said:

    See this is my current build up there. I will be upgrading something in it and then give it to my kids so they can play Skyrim in it. What should I choose? I am already buying a new PC which is i7 3770k and a 7970. That build will be for gaming and video editing. So which do you choose? A Core2Quad or a 7750?? If nothing I would still give them this build but with no upgrades. What do you say? Same with you mouse24. And the PSU has 305w written on it.
  4. 7750 is the better choice I'm not even sure that Skyrim would perform better on a C2Q than a C2D...
  5. 7750 no doubt, the c2d E7500 is still pretty decent for games, the 5450 never was anything more than a htpc/office card and not really suitable for gaming
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