I3 2130 3300mhz 3mb+GeForce GTX 650 OR i5 3460 3200mgz 6mb+GeForce 9600GT (for G

Heya. I am faced with a dillema. Firstly, I have a bit of money to upgrade/change my pc. I have a very old system that was good in its time but now its done.

So far I ordered an SSD hdd 60 gb alongside my 500 gb one, 8 gb of ram ddr 3 and a Gigabyte B75-D3V, socket 1155 mainboard but I am faced with the next dillema:

I can only afford one of the following combos and they go as is:

and i3 processor Intel® CoreTM i3 2130 SandyBridge, 3400MHz, 3MB, socket 1155, Box PLUS a shiny new GeForce GTX 650 which seems an awesome card for its price.


and i5 processor Intel® CoreTM i5-3470 3200MHz, IvyBridge, 6MB, socket 1155, Box BUT I would be forced to stick to my 5 year old card which is a GeForce 9600GT. Which according to the nvidia site is not bad at all but still... its ages old.

I basically wanna be able to play most games with smooth FPS. What should I pick?

Thanks a bunch in advance.
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  1. Definitely get an i3, but look at the 7750.
  2. lt_dan_zsu said:
    Definitely get an i3, but look at the 7750.

    7750 as in the ati radeon video card? if so why just curious
  3. Yes
  4. Wait, I wasn't aware you were from Romania. What is the price of the 7750 and 650?? Just get whichever one is cheapest
  5. kinda equally there, the radeon is slightly cheaper but not enough to make the difference. meanwhile i noticed i could also squeeze in a Intel® CoreTM i3 2130 SandyBridge, 3400MHz, 3MB, socket 1155, Box if im sticking to i3.

    Which card should I go for? A friend of mine whom I deeply respect kinda vouched for the nvidia cards for some reason.
  6. Also it's a no brainer that I should deffinetly get one of the video cards instead of an i5 and sticking to the 9600 gt right? I mean I sorta feel it dragging the whole system down..
  7. A while ago radeon had some problems. This year though amd was a clear winner. If they are the same price, go with the 650.
  8. I decided on a 7850. My gf is gonna hate me... guess who's getting a less fancy gift for xmas :))
  9. K, that will kill the cards we've been talking about. I hope you enjoy it.
  10. Oh I will. I just hope karma doesn't come back to bite me back =)) It usually does when i slightly spoil myself :p Thanks for all the help! Now if i can only persuade them to deliver today and not monday..
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