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Today I just recieved a new PSU, CPU, Ram, and a Mobo after installing all of it with my existing gfx card and hdd when i power on my system my fans get really loud and the only display I'm getting is the post manufacturer screen. Help I did all my research but couldn't find a solution.

Update - I'm having a black screen now, no more post just black screen -_-
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  1. After the post what happens?? black screen? frozen?

    If you are trying to run with your old hard drive, without reformatting, it probably won't work.

    Your hard drive might be trying to boot based on your old configuration, with drivers intended for your old hard drive, hence a big fail. assuming you didn't, format the hard drive and do a fresh install.
  2. It just stays on post so probably frozen, I'll try to format my hard drive today and post back, Thank you for the reply
  3. As a quick test before you reformat, boot with the hard drive disconnected or disabled, it should move past post to a message that says no boot disk or no sytem disk, it it does, then you know the problem is the old install conflicting with the new set up.
  4. Update - I'm having a new problem now, I'm just having a black screen, no post message or anything, i tried removing the hard drive and it just sits on black screen with the fans running and lights on.
  5. Which fans are getting really loud? Try resetting your heat sink on your CPU.
  6. have you tried entering the bios??

    repeatedly press a key on boot, might be delete, might be F10 or something else depending n your motherboard

    try to get into set up.
  7. I can't get into bios sadly, I might be thinking my mobo is defective
  8. clear the cmos, and try to boot with nothing but processor and one stick of ram, use onboard video, if u still can't get to bios, then return the mobo
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