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i have an asus motherboard with sis 7012 chip ac97 (SIS
this is
what appears in bios), i installed the driver cmedia that
came with
the mother board on winxp and it worked fine,

i dont no what happened (probably windows update -
awrong driver of via), but its stoped working, at the
control panel in
sound and audio device there is no audio device but in
manger the device is there without and marking on it (red
or yellow)
its written "This device is working properly."

i tried reinstalling the original driver, didnt work
i tried downloading a new version from,
i tried installing from sis site, and asus site, but still
didnt work,
i tried even the driver from windows update, windows
recognized the driver as via not sis (i think that what
created the
problem from the beggining)
the drivers are installe dwithout a problem but in sound
and audio
device there is no audio device.

so if there is any advice how to get back the sound i
appreceate it

cause my only solution is to reinstall windows (that i
dont want to
do cause it working fine) or to buy a new audio device

thanks in advance
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  1. hi,
    i did clean up my windows & i dont know how to fix my sounds & audio devices! my laptop asus a3500g! hope u can help!
  2. Check the device manager to see if there are conflicts (yellow !)
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