Windows XP not auto detecting Windows 7 installation disk

Just purchased Windows 7 oem, when I insert the CD the system doesn't see the disk in the CD drive.

I've just installed a fresh install of Windows XP without any issue. Everything is operating correctly on my system.

AMD Athlon 1.11 GHz Processor
150 GB RAM
32 bit System board
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  1. Do you have the optical drive setup 1st in the bios boot order?
  2. Stupid question...

    Win 7 will come on a DVD.... you say it not recognised in CD drive... is that your problem?

    And you have 150 GB Ram?

  3. Please don't insult other forum members.

    Thank you
  4. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Please don't insult other forum members.

    Thank you

    No... "Stupid Question!!" would be insulting him.... "Stupid question..." (note the elipsis)... means I am about to ask a stupid question.

    Unless you suggesting that even to suggest that this may be the root of the issue is to insult the OP intelligence? Having read many posts on these forums - the OP question is "up there" as one of the better ones!!!

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