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Ok so everything was working fine from the day I built till today.

I decided to upgrade my RAM and I had to pull out my graphics card to do so. After putting everything back in, my monitor is not detecting anything. It doesn't detect VGA or DVI. I figured I might have damaged my video card so I only connect it to the mobo and still no detection. Any ideas?

My motherboard is ASRock Z68M
My graphics card is Saphire Radeon 6870
My monitor is ASUS VH236H
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    If the RAM is installed improperly, not installed at all, or is faulty, or the slot is broken the monitor will not show. Also if you leave it on and your PC does not get hot, that is a big sign you have some faulty RAM or something that's preventing your PC from booting. Like I said, without RAM, a PC will not boot.
  2. also don't forget to Clear CMOS...........
  3. do u know that monitor detection is the problem, or is the whole thing not booting??

    fans power on I assume?

    have you tried a case speaker to detect a post beep?

    when you connected the monitor to onboard video did you remove the video card? you should, and try booting with only one dimm installed.
  4. I will check the RAM. Edit: the RAM is properly installed

    I'm not sure how to clear the CMOS..

    And all the fans power on. I have not tried a case speaker for post beep. And I did remove the video card and connect to the onboard video.
  5. to clear CMOS is by unplug the power of all device (monitor, cpu, speaker, etc..) and wait a while for the power drains out..

    remove the CMOS battery, wait for 5 minutes and install it again.....

    there another way by press the clr cmos button or by jumper, but it will depends on the motherboard model...
  6. don't just check that the ram is installed properly, remove all but one dimm

    if that doesn't work swap the one installed dimm
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